David's Horse Shoe Creations

The Furniture is made from used horse shoes, wood and metal.
The finished product is made to withstand outdoor use.

Benches and Chairs

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Benches and Chairs are made from used horse shoes, wood and metal.

Design in the wood is hand crafted. 

Cup holders optional.

Chairs and benches are about 20" high at the seat.  Chairs are 24" wide and 20" deep. Bench is 48" Long or can be made longer.

Wood can be plain, light burn to a dark burn per your request.

Color of the metal per your request.

Rocking Chair: $315.00
4ft Bench Rocker: $395.00
6ft Bench Rocker: $495.00
Chair: $250.00
4ft Bench: $395.00
6ft Bench: $455.00
Swing Seat: $250.00

Contact us for ordering information.
Davids Horse Shoe Creations
Prices do not include shipping and handling.

The chair that has Kathy in the wood has been setting on our front porch for 4 years. All we do is use a water hose to clean the chair.

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